Selling on eBay

BayCrazy is an independent search site which operates as a benefit to bargain hunters. We do not currently offer any services to successful sellers. All of the items which appear in our search results are listed either on eBay, or on Amazon web sites. BayCrazy has no part to play in the buying or selling process. All listing, buying and selling is done on eBay or Amazon and is subject to their rules.

As a seller, you should really be disappointed if your items appear on BayCrazy, because that would indicate that you have restricted your market and will be destined to sell for a low price.We are a site, mainly there to help buyers to find bargains.

We list some items which are currently on sale on eBay or Amazon, and we try to select items which are destined to reach an unusually low price.

If you want to sell on eBay, for a good price, you must write your eBay listing well and our bargain hunters will not see it on BayCrazy. If you write your eBay listing badly, or restrict your market in some way, then your item might appear on, but don't expect it to sell for a good price. Items appearing on BayCrazy are there for the bargain hunting buyers' benefit.

However, we realise that some of our users just wish to sell locally and the selling price is not overly important.

So. If you really do only want to sell as 'cash on collection only' then what you need to do is list it on eBay. You should put the exact words 'cash on collection' into the description part of your listing and choose the local collection shipping option. That might make your listing visible on BayCrazy to people in your local area. does not charge anything for displaying items in its search results and it does not guarantee that any item will appear.

When an item has received a few bids, or when BayCrazy stops considering it to be at a bargain price, then the item may stop showing in our search results. It will, of course still appear in regular ebay results.

If you are new to eBay, it might feel a bit daunting to set up an account and list your items for sale. However, eBay have now made it quite simple and they provide helpful step by step guides.

First you need a regular eBay account. Skip this step if you already have an eBay account. Click here to sign up for an eBay account.

If you wish to sell your first item, then you may need to upgrade your eBay account to a 'seller account'. Click here to start selling.

You might be asked to verify your identity by, perhaps, entering a phone number. But it's all pretty straightforward. Just follow the prompts. If you are going to sell lots of items, you might choose to set up a paypal account. But that is not immediately essential Then you need to decide whether you wish to sell at a fixed price, or sell in an auction style listing. There are a few decisions to make, and for now, we suggest you try an auction style listing. But set your starting price at the very minimum that you will accept You should prepare a photo of your item for sale, and you can usually do that with a mobile phone or digital camera. For some items, you can get a stock photo from the internet.