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If you have any questions about BayCrazy or need help using the site, then please take a look at the following frequently asked questions.

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Q: How do I sell on BayCrazy?
A: You don't! is a search tool to help buyers to find underpriced bargains which are listed on eBay. BayCrazy doesn't directly accept listings.
Q: How do I join BayCrazy?
A: You don't! There's no need to join BayCrazy and we don't need to know who you are. Simply use BayCrazy as a search tool. You may need to sign up with eBay or Amazon to get the best use of BayCrazy.
Q: What does it cost to use BayCrazy?
A: Nothing! We do not charge anyone to use our search tools.
Q: I listed some items on eBay. Why don't they all appear on your search results?
A: If it looks like an item will sell for a bargain price, then we might choose to list it: If it looks likely to sell well, then we probably will not show it. It's not just about location.
Q: Some items I was watching or bidding on have disappeared from BayCrazy listings. Where did they go?
A: We may stop showing items if they start to look like they will sell at a decent price. If you have bid on those items, then log into eBay directly and check your 'my eBay' page, and check for emails from eBay in the inbox of your eBay registered email account.
Q: I've made an incorrect bid on an item. What should I do?
A: You must immediately use eBay's procedure as described here.
Q: I bid on a local item and now I find that the buyer will not allow me collect it. What shall I do?
A: Bidding on the eBay site it is between you and eBay and the seller, subject only to eBay's rules. You should always read the full listing. Currently, we suggest taking any dispute up with the seller using eBay's Resolution Centre.
Q: How can BayCrazy be free? What's the catch?
A: BayCrazy has always been free to use. The site may receive modest commissions for sending buyers and new members to sites such as eBay and Amazon. There's no catch.
Q: BayCrazy tells me that my postcode is wrong. Why is that?
A: You are almost certainly entering a postcode with a number zero where a letter 'O for orange' should be, or entering a letter 'O for orange' where a number zero should be. Or, you may have the wrong country selected. Check the country flag setting towards the top right of any of our pages.
Q: I do a search but there are no results showing. Why is that?
A: Make sure that you are not searching with an unusual or misspelled keyword. Make sure you haven't accidentally put your postcode in the search term keyword box. Also make sure that you are searching in 'All categories' or the correct category. Try increasing the amount you might be prepared to bid, or the distance you will travel to collect.
Q: The distances you show are wrong. Why is that?
A: We show approximate distances 'as the crow flies' between you and the seller. The distance by road might be different.
Q: Can you tell me more about an item that you have for sale?
A: BayCrazy does not have any items for sale! We show you items listed on eBay or Amazon. Contact the seller there.
Q: I'd like to buy one of your items as a 'Buy It now'. How can I do that?
A: BayCrazy does not have any items for sale! We show you items listed on eBay or Amazon. Contact the seller there.
Q: I bought an item, but have had no contact with the seller. How do I pay? Where is my item?
A: We show you items listed on eBay or Amazon. Contact the seller there. Usually you can do that by clicking on the seller's user identity.
Q: I can't log into BayCrazy. What should I do?
A: BayCrazy does not have or use any log in process! If you mean that you can't log into your eBay account, then you should use their processes. We understand that the page you need is here
Q: My account has been hacked. What can I do?
A: BayCrazy does not have or use accounts! If you mean that your eBay account has been hacked, then you need to contact eBay as a matter of urgency! We understand that you can currently do that from this link.
Q: Who runs BayCrazy? Is it a part of eBay?
A: is an independent search website. It is owned by BayCrazy Ltd. A UK registered company, registration number 07820359. BayCrazy is NOT owned or operated by eBay
Q: What countries does BayCrazy operate in?
A: BayCrazy is based in the UK. It currently allows you to search for items which are listed on the eBay sites of the UK and Northern Ireland, United States of America, Germany, and Australia.
Q: Is BayCrazy safe to use?
A: Absolutely! It operates under very strict rules including UK law applicable to registered companies, and is closely monitored by eBay Inc. and their UK agents ROEYE.
Q: Will BayCrazy ever send me emails or cause me to receive 'spam' unsolicited emails?
A: BayCrazy does not currently collect the email addresses of our users. If at any time, we do get to know your email address, then we would only normally contact you with your permission or to give you information which you have requested. Very rarely we might contact our users to conduct limited market research. If you ever tell us that we should not contact you, then we would honour your request.
Q: Does BayCrazy use cookies?
A: BayCrazy does use cookies, only so that we can provide you with the best service possible. E.g. we may store your postcode and preferred spending amount. We don't share those cookies. The sites which we link to, e.g., may also use cookies, but that is subject to their own cookie policies.
Q: What data does BayCrazy store about me or my use of or eBay or Amazon?
A: We may store those pieces of information which you enter on forms on our website, e.g. your Postcode. Like most websites, we will also record the time and date of any page you visit on our website and your internet address at the time of your visit. Your browser software will identify its version to us, so we might know, for instance, whether you are using a mobile device. This does not identify you personally and is only used so that we can monitor and manage the effectiveness of our service to you. We will not see or store anything which you do on eBay or other websites which we may connect you to. From time to time, eBay or Amazon may give us limited data related to which items were bid on or bought by our users, but they will not give us personally identifiable information about our users.
Q: I have another problem with BayCrazy. What should I do?
A: Please contact us directly using our Contact Us page. Please describe your problem fully and it would help if you would tell us your postcode and country. We can only reply if you enter your correct email address. We cannot identify you from your eBay User identity, so make sure you tell us your email address in every case.
Q: I have some suggestions for changes to your site. How can I contact you?
A: We love feedback and suggestions. Please contact us directly using our Contact Us page.