April 2017

Use BayCrazy With Facebook To Make Money (Video Tutorial)

This article links you to a tutorial presentation that shows how you can use eBay as a source of low priced 'Stock', which you can then resell for profit on Facebook, Gumtree or Craigslist.

Specifically, we show how to exploit the BayCrazy Local Search to locate your stock items. I give a few examples of items that were identified by the search tool and which would have made potentially profitable opportunities.

You can watch the presentation in its video form on YouTube, or you can view the slides as static images with notes alongside them.

How To Find Bargains With Our ‘Ending Now’ Search

  • BayCrazy  features a number of ways to find the best bargains currently listed on eBay and our ‘Ending Now’ search is especially powerful. But there is a knack to getting the best results from it. This article lists some of the 'Hidden Bargains' that it could help you find and lists some Top Tips to give you the very best opportunities.

Ten Top Tips for Running an eBay Selling Business.

Here I present a discussion of how to build an eBay selling business. This is all based on my own practical experience of becoming an eBay Powerseller and making a successful business that required just an hour per day of effort. I present my 10 top tips and I include a basic discussion of what sorts of items to sell and what the pros and cons are for different market sectors.