Tom and Bry, co-founders and co-owners of BayCrazy have something in common. They are both crazy about bargain hunting! In 2008, they put their heads together and created a unique range of search engines that track down the best bargains at eBay and

BayCrazy searches flush out the web's best buys

Everybody loves a bargain, but searching the web... well, it's a jungle out there! BayCrazy searches are especially designed to locate bargains that are easily lost in the shuffle. Our searches are an eBay approved application, inspected by eBay and found to meet their quality standards.

Bargain hunting can turn the inexperienced shopper into a basket case. BayCrazy searches are tuned to make it easy for our visitors to load up their baskets with the best buys on the web. Yet, while laid-back for the novice searcher, our searches are top-drawer. Our advanced search functions, like those in our popular local search, give the dedicated bargain hunter all the tools needed to bag the big bargains.

Find hidden bargains as you stay in the blind

BayCrazy puts special focus on searches that many shoppers overlook, like those ending NOW,night time listings, and misspelled bargains, the types of searches that help eBay and Amazon shoppers save like crazy!

Because BayCrazy doesn't sell anything, registration is unnecessary. You remain anonymous as you hunt for the web's best buys. If you need to enter a postcode, it is only to successfully complete a local search and we only collect your email address if you contact us. Get the full details in our privacy policy.

We keep the fun in searching for bargains. Pick a search from our top navigation or click to use our quick bargain searches and go bargain hunting crazy with BayCrazy!