Furniture Bargains on eBay: The Kitchen

January 31, 2013

What is your kitchen to you?

To some – it’s a place of art: a place where we mix our greatest creations of fine eatery to stew on our palettes and drizzle our taste buds alight.

To others – it’s a place of work and grind: a place where we least look forward to being, stirring away over a bubbling pot, scrubbing dishes…

To most of us though, whether we loathe or love the stove – the kitchen is at the very least… an essential attraction point of the house, the hub of the home; an area and space that we want to decorate and furnish to a high, consistent standard.

Piecing together all the right elements to assemble the perfect kitchen can add up, how about I show you two ENTIRE all-in-one kitchen furniture sets you can buy on eBay right now, at a bargain price? yeah? okay, keep reading. Oh it’s no bother, really, ehem; so!…

Kitchen #1: The Modern Option
High Gloss Fitted Kitchen

This stunning modern kitchen is available to buy now for just £1,000.

Modern Bargain Kitchen

This gorgeous fitted kitchen is a unique style and colour giving you a truly special result.

The sleek design, compact nature and high gloss finish are endearing; this is a real, real bargain. Why are you even still reading this? if you were asking yourself “what kitchen?”, aren’t you now foaming at the mouth to snap up this incredible package.

Kitchen #2: The Antique Option
Antique Oak Kitchen

Warm and cosy, this cherished antique (Oak) kitchen can be yours for £999.99.

I know what you’re thinking, “oh, just pandering to both sides of the coin are you!?”, well… yes, yes we are! It’s not our job to be taste makers or try to imbue an influence on your particulars (not in that way, oh dear) – we’re simply the bearers of good news, the torch carriers for the many brilliant bargains eBay that the world of online… ness duth bestow upon us all. Ehem. With that said, I present to you, the antique kitchen

Antique Bargain Kitchen

In all seriously serious seriousness, what’s nice about this kitchen is the substance it inherently embodies. I personally love slick, clean, modern furniture; something about its sharp and shiney edges makes my obsessive mind happy and relaxed, but I can also absolutely see the depth of appeal that older furniture instills.

Antique furniture was built by hands born of a very different generation to our own, existing in a different time, with different attitudes and ethics, with different wars and mind games, when you see something made in a certain era… it kind of brings all of that with it. You can look at it and feel the many implications beneath the surface.

BUT, would you rather the poetic DNA of an antique kitchen OR would you like shiny tops on which to chop your onions, so that you can feel like Gordon Ramsay?

Kitchen #3: LUXURY
Casa Lube Full High Gloss Italian Kitchen

This totally beautiful kitchen is yours to buy now for £12,995.00.

All in stellar condition, with free installation.

Luxury Casa Lube Italian Kitchen

Since when did bargain have to mean cheap!

Now admittedly, the majority of you bargain hunters may not be looking to spend this much right now, but if you have the money and fancy something extra special, then this is most definitely a delicious choice. Just LOOK at it, my my…

A picture can say a thousand words.

Alternatively, you may want to seek out yourself using our bargain furniture search.

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  1. John Llew Evans says:

    I have ordered a new kitchen from Magnet £6.500 ,what’ a shame I did not see this advert sooner.
    I am still looking for a 90cm double cooker gas and electricity dual energy to complete my purchase.
    Regards hopeyoucan help.

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