Furniture Bargains on eBay: The Lounge

Attention new homeowners: offensively cheap and brilliant bargains await you.

Many of you out there will be beginning the new year perhaps somewhat frustratingly with a move into a new home. Whether it be your first home or any scenario that has led you to be seeking out cost-effective furniture in this moment.

Many of us are struggling out here, there and everywhere; a sagging, squishy, smelly economy and modest budgets are gripping us all tightly, forcing our sights to be squinted on to more practical realities, living within (and perhaps, below) our means, getting the most for our money and trying to balance the elements as best we can.

Perhaps you simply do not have the money to irresponsibly throw at the wall for lavish, over-priced furniture; or you could just be looking to get a fair deal, which, is fair enough. Take a look at these three fantastical furnishings we’ve found, thank us later!

Large Italian Faux Leather Sofa Bed on Chrome Legs

Price: Buy it Now for £149.99

Large Italian Faux Leather Sofa Bed

Everybody needs a comfy seat to park their behinds; this stylish slice of sofa bed comes at a gorgeously generous price of £149.99. It’s faux leather, but it’s oh-so trendy.

Large Glass Corner TV Cabinet

Price: Buy it Now for £40
P&P: Varies (see listing)

Large Glass Corner TV Cabinet

Whilst sitting on your sexy new sofa, you’re likely to want some visual entertainment to satisfy the stimulatory urges of your senses and luckily for us, we live in the age of the television (is it obvious that I’m male?). However, unless you’re half a foot tall or fancy a bent neck, you’ll benefit from a shiny, swanky stand – such as this one (you could use a midget but, there’s the whole ‘human rights’ issues) – on which to put your TV.

Doesn’t this one look nice? AND, it matches the sofa bed, convenient!

Stylish IKEA Standing (Adjustable) Floor Lamp

Price: Buy it Now for £12.99
P&P: £5.99

Stylish IKEA Standing (Adjustable) Floor Lamp

Providing you don’t always want a blast of light at night but also don’t wish to simulate the experience of living in a cave, a simple, stylish (not necessary but, why not?) lamp may very well come to your rescue. This handy floor lamp is tantalizingly affordable.

Other than brightening up the room a little, you may also… read… as in, books… no, seriously? Haha, I tried to keep a straight face but, nobody READS anymore do they, nobody in this day and age?… I mean, I didn’t even read this article, and I wrote it!

That pretty much sums up this post, I hope some of you out there reading this got some value from it, if not only for my endlessly irritating sarcasm. If you don’t fancy any of these specific products, but are in need, perhaps check out the furniture section yourself and have a gander at the wondrous range of cheap-as-chips goodies.

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